airways ticket fare booked know what you should not pack

It doesn’t matter what your travel flight plans, from a business meeting to a family vacation, more than likely you will be bringing along some luggage for your trip. You must know the airline regulations and policies when packing your luggage. It is unfortunate that many travelers do not do their due diligence when packing their bags, once they have booked their airways ticket fare.
Whenever you are preparing for your next trip, you must assess and choose carefully which specific items to bring with you. Ask yourself what items you will pack in your checked baggage and what will go in your carry-on luggage. This is quite important not only for convenience, but also because the rules vary for items that are allowed in checked versus unchecked carry-on luggage.
For example, according to TSA (Transportation Security Administration): Gel-type candles Prohibited in carry-on Allowed in checked bags
Another example, according to TSA: Gel shoe inserts Prohibited in carry-on Allowed in checked bags
As you can see from the examples above, some items carry only a partial ban. Some of your belongings may be stored in your checked baggage, but prohibited from your carry-on luggage. Nearly all these bans (including sharp objects, liquids, and self-defense items) are imposed largely due to safety reasons.
While a multitude of items are permitted in your checked baggage, despite being banned from your carry-on luggage, be aware some items cannot, under any conditions, be brought onboard the airplane.
Of note are items of the Explosive & Flammable Materials and Disabling Chemicals categories. This would include bombs, dynamite, flares, liquid bleach, and even self-defense sprays containing more than 2% by mass of liquid tear gas. Boarding an airplane with any prohibited item could mean some serious legal consequences.
On a lighter note, let’s talk about convenience. Pack light. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. This is especially true of your carry-on luggage. Most airlines restrict the number and size of allowable carry-on bags. For example, one carry-on bag (that fits under the seat) and one personal item, such as large handbag, laptop, etc., are quite common. It’s not fun to be called out by airlines personnel and be required to check items you had planned to carry-on. Be sure to check with your specific airline before departing for the airport.
As daunting as all this may seem, don’t let it mire your trip. The rewards and fun and exhilaration of traveling far outweigh any perceived ‘inconvenience.’
One last thing, be sure that you bring your required airways ticket fare and have it easily accessible on your person or in your carry-on.